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Cross Sell product recommendation for Sales Force is an AI app that recommend additional product in your Sales Force instance.  It will help you enrich sales pipeline by suggesting additional product sales team can sell to their customer.

Product recommendation is done thru Microsoft Machine Learning API and it show result directly in your sales pipeline in Sales Force. With 1 click you can add suggested product in Sales Opportunity.


Every sales team want to sell more. They want to know what other product their customer might be interested to buy.  To cross sell product, Sales team manually investigate and suggest product to customers.

Using Microsoft Cognitive service API - you can use power of machine of learning to suggest product to sales team.

How to use it

  1. Log into your Sales Force instance.
  2. Open list of opportunity and click on opportunity.
  3. At bottom of opportunity page - system will show recommended product.

Recommended products are computed using Microsoft Cognitive Service API for product recommendation

With 1 click Sales person can add recommended product into existing Sales opportunity or create new sales opportunity.

See screen shot

How to install it

IT developer can install and configure this app in 10 minutes. Follow the step by step install instructions.


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