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Cross Sell product recommendation app help sales team to suggest more products to customer. It determine what are frequently bought together product(s) using Machine Learning and make recommendation.

It help sales team to increase Sale and improve Sales productivity.


Recommendation User Experience

The recommendations are listed within the SalesForce Opportunity page itself. This makes it very convenient for Sales team to evaluate the recommendation in the context of related (Opportunity, Account, etc) information.

With 1 click sales persona can update Sales deal and add recommended product to Sales Opportunity if new product belong to same category.  Or allow sales team to create brand new opportunity.


Recommendation API

The recommendation engine is based on the Recommendation Cognitive Services API build using Microsoft Cortana Intelligence Suite.  This recommendation engine learns from the correlations between available offerings (products) in the product catalogue as based on the historical transactions. Drawing from this learning by the API, additional products which can be sold for a new opportunity or existing open opportunity are recommended.

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