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Once you install Cross sell solution for Sales Force powered by Microsoft Machine Learning API- you will see below changes in SalesForce.

On Opportunity page - there will be recommendation provide by Machine Learning API

 How to use

Review the recommendation provide.  Click "Add to List" and item will be added in Sales opportunity

How to use Cross Sell recommendation

 Once you add, items are added.

You also get a reference below that which items were added thru Product recommendation.

Cross sell item added in Sales Opportunity

 See Video to show - Cross recommendation in Sales Force using Machine Learning API 


How to Install

Setting up the Application - enabling Product Recommendation feature in SFDC's Opportunity page:

Detailed Steps: Please follow the step by step process detailed in the below link: Cook Book - Salesforce Recommendation Integration.docx

High Level Summary:
1. Installation of the package (to display recommendations in SFDC) - from Sales Force App Exchange using below link (If using sandbox environment please replace the ‘’ part of the URI with ‘’)
2. Recommendation API subscription - please go to and click on New >> Intelligence + analytics >> Cognitive Services APIs. and create new Cognitive services account.
3. Setup Azure Resources & Services - download from downloads and extract and use Windows Powershell to run SetProdRecommendation.ps1 script to set up the Recommendation Services.

Testing in Trial SFDC Instance (optional):
An application is provided to the user in case the user wants to test the App with sample data in any trial organization. This utility application for using test data is named TestDataUploader.exe (within can be downloaded from Downloads section.


Terms and Conditions to use

This package, made available through your Salesforce account, is licensed to customers of Microsoft Cognitive Services under its own terms of use and only for use with such services provided by Microsoft.

The complete API Terms of Service are available through the following link:

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